Accomplishments of Gurjar Desh Charitable Trust

Within a short span of 12/13 years, it has made significant progress. The Gurjar Desh Charitable Trust since its inception has been working keeping in view the objectives of social, economic and educational uplift of tribals and other weaker sections. Construction of huge building complexes, bringing out publications, holding seminars and research studies, establishment of library and museum are some of the hallmark achievements of the Gurjar Desh Charitable Trust. Some of the accomplishments of the Gurjar Desh Charitable Trust during the past over a decade include:

  1. Setting up of Tribal Cultural and Research Centre has been the cherished dream of the Gurjar Desh Charitable Trust. Multi-crore Magnificent Complex to house the centre has already come up. The centre besides perseverance and popularizing the best of its cultural traditions as an inalienable constituent of the glorious cultural heritage of Himalayan Tribals has been working to crack the prevailing social isolation of tribal and promote cultural interaction not only among tribals domiciled in the different parts of the country and abroad but also among other sections of the society in the State and at National level in the broader perspective of promoting integration and solidarity of the country.
  2. Research Library: A research library set up in 1994 has procured rare books on cultural, life, folklore, language, literature and history of tribals. The research library is increasingly attracting attention of researchers of various hues, especially on tribals, for the rare books it possesses. The number of books in the library runs into thousands.
  3. Publication: The Gurjar Desh Charitable Trust is enthusiastically engaged in reviving the literature, language, folklore and other aspects of cultural heritage. Besides publication of many historical books on tribals, a good number of publications on culture, language and folklore have also been brought out by the Gurjar Desh Charitable Trust.
  4. A Multilingual monthly Magazine is being published by the Gurjar Desh Charitable Trust for the last 10 years. Besides bringing out of regular monthly issues some special issues too have been brought out.
  5. Art Gallery and Museum: Some artifacts of antiquarian relevance have been retrieved and collected and further hunt in this area is on. Gurjar Desh Charitable Trust has built up an archive of rare photographs mostly in colour, depicting different facets of the social and cultural lifestyle, tools, ornaments, old dresses etc. All these are of monumental significance.
  6. Seminars, Workshops, Cultural meets Literary get-togethers are the regular part of the 10 years activities of the Gurjar Desh Charitable Trust. Holding of 3-day National Seminars on Ethno-Cultural Heritage by the Gurjar Desh Charitable Trust in collaboration with Himalayan Research and Culture Foundation, new Delhi and National Museum of Mankind (Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Shangralaya, Bhopal, as also 12-day workshop on Modernization of Gojri script jointly organized by the Gurjar Desh Charitable Trust and Central Institute of Indian Languages, Mysore are special features of many such seminars and workshops.
  7. Holding of Photo Exhibitions, organizing Cultural Programmes and other allied activities form regular part of Gurjar Desh Charitable Trust activities.
  8. Setting up of a Premier Educational Institute – K.B. Public School: Recognized up to 12th Standard. The school has a Girls' Hostel and is provided with all the modern facilities. Two more educational institutions of the Gurjar Desh Charitable Trust are functional in the areas largely inhabited by tribals.
  9. Setting up of Vocational Training Centre: The Gurjar Desh Charitable Trust has raised a magnificent building for vocational Training.
  10. Girls' Hostel: Gurjar Desh Charitable Gurjar Desh Charitable Trust has raised a Girls Hostel having capacity of accommodating 100 girls. The hostel is well furnished and fully functional.
  11. Guest House: The Gurjar Desh Charitable Trust has raised a Guest House within the Gurjar Desh Charitable Trust Complex. It is presently being provided with the required infrastructural facilities.
  12. Office accommodation: The Gurjar Desh Charitable Trust has raised required buildings to meet the needs of its office accommodation.

Dedicated, determined and sincere efforts have resulted in achieving a distinct position for the Gurjar Desh Charitable Trust and making it a multi-dimensional institution. To further boost and broad base its multifaceted activities the Gurjar Desh Charitable Trust having all the required infrastructural backing has decided to establish a full-fledged TRIBAL CULTURAL, RESEARCH AND TRAINING INSTITUTE.

The research work to be carried out under the auspices of the proposed Tribal Cultural, Research and Training Institute (TCRTI) has to have social orientation to not only to be of scholarly and academic interest but also having the potential and viability of translating into affirmative socio-economic follow-up action. To exploit to the fullest the opportunities of socio-economic development of tribal population, the TCRTI is therefore going to be a torch bearing nodal agency. TCRTI is programmed for covetous heights of academic excellence and social relevance, imaginative and farsighted planning has gone into its conceptualization and subsequent materialization. These outstanding attributes of TCRTI will be better served by adhering to the twin principles of specialization and division of labour.

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