TRIBAL MUSEUM: The setting up of a Tribal Museum in the proposed TCRTI would be of immense practical utility in the furtherance of the basic objectives of this premier Research Institute. Besides catering to the needs of the Research Scholars, this will be serving as a repository of ancient cultural heritage of different tribes in the State.

It is a matter of concern that in the absence of any substantial measures of this nature in the past our rich cultural heritage has been slowly but surely slipping into oblivion thus depriving the coming generations from our glorious past. Another advantage of putting into place the said Tribal Museum would be that the art and artifacts of our tribes will not only be saved from getting extinct as is presently the trend, they will find the much needed exposure which can eventually pave the way for their commercial exploitation, the economic benefits of which will ultimately percolate down to the long neglected tribal economy.

In addition, Jammu and Kashmir being a world famous tourist destination with nearly 80 lakhs tourists coming annually to the holy shrine of Vaishnodevi alone besides Kashmir bound tourists including those going annually to the Amaranth Cave, the said Museum is bound to become a Centre of attention and attraction for this vast cross-section of tourists coming from different parts of the country and even abroad. This will certainly help boost the tourism potential of the State with the consequential benefits finding their way to the tribal pockets of the State which await fuller exploration in their primordial virginity.

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